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Date 03.09.2019 18:35

Dr Nebojša Zečević"s lecture on Prenatal CNS stimulation of the fetus and childbirth kept the full attention of more than a hundred expectant mothers.

Kristina Radenković and Marija Veljković, well-known hosts of the cult quiz Puzzle TV (Slagalica), have launched a Youtube channel called Pregnancy is a Gift as a way to share their experiences with future mothers. Last week they organized a seminar for expectant mothers, at which Dr Nebojša Zečević gave a lecture entitled Prenatal CNS Stimulation of the Fetus and Childbirth.

DR Nebojsa Zecevic i Kristina Radenkovic

More than a hundred expectant mothers listened with great interest to Dr Nebojša Zečević"s presentation, held on June 1 in the packed room of the VIG Plaza Hotel in Belgrade.

Great interest to Dr Nebojša Zečevićs presentation


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